I pray for you.

Somebody asked me that he need pray for him. So I told them “Yes, he need our pray.” Then they stand around him and they makes circle.




And I hit the road because I have something to do for me.

I don’t have much time. So I need hurry to go to there. Hey mate, can you go little bit faster? I need save my time.




Yup, there it is. The sun rises up.

That’s it. I requested to you for little bit hurry because of this. The Sun. The Sun make all of life’s who lives this planet.




Don’t even think about it.

That’s right. I don’t know about solution. But I can figure it out soon because I have force of this matters. Little bit nervous? Me too. But I don’t care about peoples who looking at me like that.




See? Your temperature will down.

Here is extremely hot place. So your face is getting red but for now, your temperature will down. It’s same as life. Sometimes get red, sometimes get blue. Life is always change.




Into the light.

Go into the light. With your braveheart. You can get many things when you are in the lights. Don’t go away to the shadow.




Looking up there if you need something.

But do not look up long time. Your neck will stiff if you look up for a long time. Means hitting the sky.




Don’t go anywhere without my permission.

This planet who lives their life and do something is could be dangerous. So I will watch your back. Don’t do something alone. I will support you




Hello sunshine, Where you headed?

sun jealous you because of your face. And you can’t hide from sun. It is powerful and has it’s own force. So don’t hide, just enjoy.




Hello, monk. Pray for us.

We have many religion in the world. But You guys believe in Buddhism. So when I meet monk on floating market, I’d would like to say “Hello” to monk.



Check it out.


Make grate moment with me.










size : 230(W) X 100(D) X 160(H)