Hello dude. I’m ELEPHANT who lives in JEJU.

Jeju, where the worm place in Korea. There are so many horses and beautiful flowers and you. A elephant dosen’t lives in Jeju. But some of huge elephant lives in your mind.




Many trees and flowers will covers you.

Don’t worry about your future. Your mind is so big and strong. So you can protect yourself from all the matters. Just walking around and thinking positive ways. Finally, you will have great currier in your business.




When you holding me. Feels like fantasy.

You always holding me. I feel happy when I be with you. I do not worry because I feel free when I be with you. I will take all of pictures next to you. We will have great time.




It’s raining. Rain makes colors deeper.

Do you know that? Rain gives us different color. More colorful, more deep, more fantasy. So go out when rain comes from the sky.




JEJU has three different things.

One is rocks. Second one is women. last one is wind. Jeju’s beach has lot’s of emeralds and you will need to dive to the ocean when you see it.




Take me into your eyes. take me into your mind.

I remember our beautiful memories from Jeju. Take a many photos for memories. Elephant will gives his hands to you when you take a photo.




A royal azalea around you.

Every year in Korea covers red and pink by royal azalea. (after ume flower has gone) Flower makes you to be happy when you are in blue. So, have a happy mind with your elephant.




SIZE : 250(W)mm X 185(H)mm X 160(D)mm, 790g