Here I am. Waiting for you.

It has been a long time that I lost you. I miss you so much so I still waiting here every day. But you never come back here. Do you hear any voice from here, please come back to me.




I meditate of my words.

Yes. I meditated what I told you. But you never remember it. You don’t care about it but I do. Don’t hurt my heart again.




This little creature told me.

This tiny, soft and tender thing, I don’t know this name, told me. “You should not come here again. He is very harmful to you and everyone. So forget him and erase all of your memories in your heart.” I agree with this thing’s opinion. But I can’t do anything.




I just take a picture for me.

Yes. taking a picture is one of the best hobby. Because taking a picture is same as taking our past. Carve everything to your cells where you are, what did you done that day.





It’s last time that I waiting for you. I will leave from here and you can smell my breath if you be here. But don’t looking for me. I don’t want see you again.




This is last shot. I will leave this photo here for you.

You can see a picture if you come back here. But you can not see me. Please don’t tracing me. I will done with waiting for you.




Thank you for your present.

I gave you a lots of things to you. But you gave me nothing. I just want your sweet word from you. If you don’t left me, I will not leave you. It’s your mistake.




You makes me smile.

That’s right. You have sweet aura so you makes me smile always. And I have some power to live from your aura. I just need your focus on me.




So many friends will sit next to me.

I have a lots of friends. You can not see my friends in this picture but they will come to me soon. I think they are in traffic jam.




Come. If you need to be my friend.

You look new that I never seen before. I like you, I like your look. Please follow me if you want to be my friend. Let’s enjoy nature walking here.




You have big smile. Looking good.

You really have sweet smile. It’s your powerful thing. Don’t loose yourself. You will be great person in future.




Take a picture like a your dream.

Picture have something great power. It’s a journal about your past and your moment that you spend your time with your friend. A picture, it has something.




Write down your thinking.

Writing is a same with taking a picture. It’s a recording a past of someone’s life and memory what someone did.




Here, please take me if you want.

I am one of the gear to take your past. Please be friendly with me and you will get really dramatic memories. Don’t worry about photo’s results. Many people worry about to use film cameras because they think it’s a difficult in use.




It’s very warming day. Take some rest with me and have a cup of coffee.

Smell of coffee make you calm. Barista put in their soul when burn a coffee bean so don’t drink a coffee. You must drink barista’s soul.




Are you boring? Then, do something for your spirit.

Do something when you taking a rest. You can not do everything and you will be tired soon when you doing that. Don’t lose your mind.




This is our story. Now, make your stories with us.

Make a story of yours. Make a history of yours. Don’t worry to make a stories your own. It’s very easy. Just look around and see different another side. And just take a pictures. Then, you can make many your history.




See? It’s very easy to make your own story.

Don’t make a period in your story. Your story of life will goes on. So bring it on. Move like master in your life. Everything will well done if you do that.



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