Hello, stranger.

Your name must “Autumn”. Because you brings fresh air and lovely views that sun makes of. For now, we have to go out for some shots. Let’s get something for joy.



Did you saw the lights at early morning?

You didn’t? Why don’t you go out early morning? The light in the morning is so brilliant and calm. You will get more beautiful pictures when you shot in the morning.




Remember that feeling to your cells.

Every cell feels and remember that situations what you did something. So past can not left you. Photography is same as “remember”. Tattooing your past to your cells.




Feel the moment and take it.

Rock the world When you see a great point of view through your view finder. You have own viewfinder called “eye”. So you can check every moments of views and subject. The happen, does not happen again.




We will be with you when you take a rest.

Rest a time is most important for everything. You can not work all the time so work 50 minutes and take a rest for 10 minutes. You are not a machine. You are analogue person that you have emotional.




We live digital life now.

After 1980 years, we live with all of digital stuffs now. But still we have some of analogue. It’s our brain. Our brain made of digital stuffs but our own brain is made of analogue. So don’t forget it and remember it.




Waiting for someone?

Please live in love with someone. Love is most powerful solution in every things in this world. Feel free in “waiting” for someone. Love don’t come easy.




But don’t be lonely, because you have friend name of light.

Yes it is. Make friendship with light. The light is all over the world and need nothing to you. He gives you life and hug you when you feel lonely.




How’s smell from her? such a good smell from her.

You worry about your smell. But don’t worry. Meet people  that you loved and talk each other with lovely word.




Read a books for your time and knowledge.

Genius can make reading a books and thinking a lot. Life is competition with everyone. So study hard and think positive.




There is no prince who riding a white horse comes to you.

That’s right. Try everything what you want and do it now. But if you try a lot, take some fresh air and get some sleep.




Be quiet when you meet him. Don’t be loud.

Beautiful things can disappear suddenly. So if you really really need something, move faster and move like a assassin.





Hide into the shadow.

Somebody afraid of shadow. But don’t be afraid of shadow. Shadow will exist if the light does exist. It’s a nature thing so please enjoy light and shadow.




Oh. It’s time to go back to your place.

Time is very short so take your stuffs and say goodbye to your friends. Many plants says sorry to say good bye to you and you makes a regretful face to them. But if you say “hello” to someone that you will say “goodbye” to someone.




It’s time to go.

Did you have good time with us? Hope you have great memory in here. Please go back safety and take care yourself. Have a nice day.




Maliere-Brown small







Size : 265(w) X 210 (h) X 110 (d), 835g