Hello, There.

Nice to meet you. Where are you came from? Your locate is most far from here. So, let us begin about our story?




Can you feel my bubble?

Yeah, this is my breath. You can see my breath because of this bubbles. Be Careful when you touch it. It will disappear from your eyes.




Step up your mind.

Always work hard in your position. Your ability will grow up if you work hard. But take care of yourself. Nobody doesn’t care about your health.




But, you know. Refresh your brain with fresh air.

Human is not a machine. You can’t work all the times. But somebody says that the cyborgs are living around us soon. Who cares? We don’t know about future.




Listen what rain say.

Singing each other and making harmony each other. Peoples are same like this. Live each other and eat and talk  with your friends.




Remember your past moment what a brightly time ever after.

Past leftover brightly things in your brain. It’s brain works nobody knows why it works like that. What else? Just camera and just your time. That’s all about it.




Don’t take out your heart to anybody.

You will meet somebody everywhere, any time. And your heart will rush when you meet him (her). But don’t give to him (her) your heart. Just take your time and take a look around with your sharp eye.




Yes. That’s what I talking about.

Don’t care about other people’s say and what they saw. You are just you. They must respect what you doing and what you thinking about.




Give to them your smile.

Your smile is very charming. Your smile makes me to fall into your eyes sometimes. So don’t care about that.




Bring it on! I can’t do nothing.

That’s right. I don’t have no power to help you. You have great potential energy. Your light will come out from your heart soon.















Size : 265 (w) X 210 (h) X 110 (d), 835g