Strong wind makes full of energy.

All of things what lives things where lives in earth needs energy. Strong wind makes source of our life. Storm makes us to worry some times but nature gives us benefit.




Hold the earth in your hand.

You can feel it’s very small world. Yes it is. You have huge talent to do something that you need to be. Just feel calm and wait for date of to move for it.




Go out for walk for your mind.

Have a deep breath while walk around. Get some fresh air and feel lucky then you can fly away to real world.




Don’t be afraid yourself. Afraid makes you weak.

Many things can comes up to you but “afraid things” are nothing. If you feel afraid, your mind will weak so you can not lives normaly life. Fight with it and be winner in your life competition.




Yes it is. That is brave action in your life.

Go ahead to 182km from here. It will very hard to go there. But you will receive so many things while you have to go there. Don’t worry, believe your self.




Huge wave will comes to you. With big present.

All humans have strong things in their life. But it is big good present if you meet strong things. Don’t worry about that. Make your power from your heart.




When you see her in your dream. Go get her.

You must get her because she is a one of the lucky woman in the world. You will be in luck if you catch her.




She flows her voice on the wind.

When wind coming to you. You must hear clearly her voice from the wind. And feel calm when you hear it.




Fight against storm.

This is not end. Be brave infront of storm. Nobody care about you when your looking is not good. It’s your time to wake up to the world.




SIZE : 250(w) X 190(h) X 140(d)