Early morning. Calm feeling around me. Atmosphere is fresh.

I have nothing to do. Here’s weather is extremely hot but I feel fresh. I like situation like this. Enjoy your life time.




Walk around a beach. And take a shots.

Yeah, This is a heaven. A little waves came to me from the ocean. Sea gulls are flying in the sky. I took them by my camera for memory this moment.




It makes smile in my hand for awhile.

Every flowers are beautiful in this planet and they makes me happy. But don’t be greedy for it. If you are in greed, you will loose everything. Just enjoy your moment and thanks for them.




You should have to come to me. You put me to calm. It’s you who makes me calm.

I can’t here you but I can feel you.  let’s move out for make  happy. And will never difficult. Don’t worry.




Don’t go away. Your happy will come to you soon.

I heard about your schedule to find happiness. So, when is ETD to find your happy?




what are you doinf In forest?

You just feel the wind? Or just take your photo? You are shiny star when you makes me smile.




Wow you are rich of shells right?

Can you share with me? Please give me some of yours. I will happy if you agree with me.




Is it yours? I warning you. Don’t open it.

It looks like just fruit. But it is not just fruit. You will have huge bad things if you open this. So please don’t do it. And put it down to safety place.




Well done my lady. Enjoy your time.

You are in holiday. So just enjoy your free time and focus to your life. Don’t go another way.




Are you happy now? Your eyes tells me you are very happy.

Yeah. You  find best way for your life finally. Pleasure is all mine. Please tell me about your life sometimes. I will wait for you.



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