Feel the light, catch the light.

You can see the light every where. And you can catch the light into your picture through camera. Taking picture is an art of light. It is really good word. And you can put the air in your picture when you taking by film.




Take some rest.

Shooting is really hard to work. Because you will walk whole day, under the sun shine and carring heavy gears. So you must take rest every time every where.




Look at the blue sky. Where the sun came from.

Heads up and look at the sky sometimes. Lights gives you positively thingking. Some doctors say UVs make skin cancer but I think light makes you more benefit.





Go to the nature if you need fresh picture.

Nature gives you calm and makes you to happy. Flowers singing to you birds says something. That’s it. It is a picture and it is nature.



But don’t make a pig your self.

Nature gives everything to you. But if you make a pig your self, nature will gives you nothing. Don’t forget it.




Summer has come. Be there for them.

You can see golden light every time in summer. But be careful when you see a golden light. Because you will fall in love with golden light.




But don’t go away.

You don’t have to go away from golden light. You have another different light in this universe. It’s name is back light. As you can see, back light makes very dramatic picture for you.




Please put in flower to my mind.

You have beautiful flower in your mind. May I ask you to give me one more beautiful flower for me? I need to break my rocks in my mind. I think your flower can break my rocks.




You take something and I will take you.

I always be behind you, focus my eyes to you. Don’t makes me nurvous. When I be there with you.




Hey, I’m wine color.

5D MARK III + 24-105 mounted (carry hood back word ). 5D MARK III + 24-70 mounted (carry hood back word ).










Please give your mind to me.

EXT : 315(W) X 150(D) X 210(H)
INT : 260(W) X 110(D) X 190(H)
Webbing : 최단 800mm, 최대 1530mm
Weight : 749g
Material : 캔버스, 인조가죽