Hoo~ I will give my breath.

Spring has gone and summer comes. Sprouts has grown up from under ground gets more energy from heaven. Please pay attention to my breath and I will listen to your voice.




Somebody will coming to you.

Just wait for him. That’s it. You don’t have any duties to do something with. Actually, he is light whom will cover your aurora. So just feel calm.




Taking something from your camera.

Your camera will be your eye of your heart. Looking at many things, seeing peoples around you and give them a special sight of yours.




Fresh wind can make you to fresh.

Feel the winds, where blows from somewhere to you through reeds. You can’t take a wind by your camera but your cell can memory the wind.




Don’t walk hard, just stroll around.

You always working hard. So you need to take a rest. Forget your work sometimes to make fresh your brain. You will get more power of your life.




You have strong force so, don’t worry about your environment.

Environment can change anytime. But all is up to you. Important thing is don’t forget yourself. You will have little bit chaos when you lost yourself so remember it.




Postman dosen’t push a bell twice.

This is a name of old movie. I think you hadn’t watch that movie. I will ask you to watch that movie. Postman gives us many things.



Butterflies, See the butterflies in botanical garden.

Did you have attend  to botanical garden sometime? You can feel something you go to there.




Many deers come to you.

Looking at deer’s eye sometime. They have lovely, deeply, shiny eyes. If you look at them, you can get pure mind.




Ask trees and mountain to gives you for directions of your life.

I think they are something like one of spirit. We can’t see them, we can’t feel them because they are just “spirit”. But they knows well a directions of life.




It’s some of actions to record of your past.

We always remember our past. But we can’t remember old things. So you must record of your life. It’s very important things.




25(W) x 12(D) x 20(H) cm, 835g