Howdy, Rain drop.

When you drop to me, I will refresh myself. You are just water drop now but you will be river when you guys add eachother.




I, a messenger of heaven. You will be clean mankind in your planet.

Don’t worry human. I from up there. You will clean up when you get rained on.




Saw something?

Nervious? or is there anything that makes you intriguing? Go ahead to it.




Why you looking at me like that?

You are very charming. I always excited when you looking at me like that. Thank you for your smile.




I always behind you for protect you.

It’s a good signal if you move your pattern. It called “Routine”. Don’t forget your routine.




Don’t hide yourself. Be ready for everything. Because we don’t know that what matter comes to you.

You must be ready for all of matters for you. Remind always about your routine and remember your point. Write it down your note if you can not remember.



But enjoy sometimes.

Lightly nervious can help you about your work. But it’s a harmful that if you are in full of nervious. So enjoy sometime for relax your nerve.




Sun shine can make you beautiful.

Picture is made of light. And you will become beauty when you are in the light. Make smile in front of camera. Your beautiful smile will be long time.




What are you waiting for?

Can’t move? Go out and get some air. I think you have many lactate in your muscle.




Many people envy you.

You have bright smile and you make good smell. So, you will get cloud around you. Don’t be shy. They will have respect for you.




Congratulations! You had deceided move to another place!

You have really brave heart! It’s quite diffcult to deceide move different place. But you have brave heart.




Take a rest some times.

Your heart will broken if you work hard. You will earn more money but you will loose your health. So you must take a rest every hours. Don’t forget your routine.




The light has came to you.

I told you that you have really good smell. So the light will be with you.







SIZE : 25(W) x 12(D) x 20(H) cm, 835g